We are so delighted to present our most anticipated events; #HanakaSixVersary SALE 📢 It's a sale like no other, a limited-time opportunity to save UP TO 60% on EVERYTHING we have in store. Here’s the detail! • Berlangsung tanggal 16 - 17 - 18 Agustus 2019 dan hanya berlaku di Hanaka & Co. Store, Jl Tukad Pakerisan No 69D, Panjer - Denpasar. • Store buka dari jam 10am sampai 10.30pm • selama program SALE berlangsung, store Ubud & Sanglah akan tutup sementara. • So save the date, grab all your friends, and enjoy the fun. Make sure you don’t miss the deals⚡️ - #HanakaClassic #AnniversarySale