@lisdiasound x @berakmedia presents Tee's Shop Vol. 4 with the anticipated band from Bandung @bananachtunes . A heavy fuzz-driven energetic punk rock trio from Bandung, Indonesia. The band consist of Karina Sokowati (Vocal), Mojan Ayu (Guitar, Backing Vocal), and Fay Murray (Drums). They presented toughness in distortion and wild-nimble action performance. Their music inspired by 90s punk rock/post-punk bands such as Sonic Youth, Hüsker Dü, Fugazi, etc. The composition of their new songs which will be on the album they’re working on also received a lot of ideas from Java Anggara, their additional bassist. Through the lyrics of their songs, Bananach tries to narrate about personal anxieties, criticism of the society, also don’t forget about love stories. Check on Berak Media youtube channel now!