New Release - Try something new, not as usual, curved form, maybe this requires patience in making holes for stitches, because we do it with two chisels, and stitched with nylon bonded thread, the strength of the saddle stitch is no doubt. Combining two tones in one creation, with dominant natural colors, and hand dyed black accents, solid brass O rings handmade by our artisan with forging techniques, so as to produce a hammer tone effect. And equipped with sturdy brass chains so as to give a rugged impression that is perfect as your denim companion. Equipped with 6 card slots, 5 on the left and 1 on the right that works for cards that are frequently used, 2 hidden slots that allow you to stash several bills, 1 place for storing money. Available on our website: www.syhgoods.com Tokopedia: Show Your Hem - #showyourhem #syhgoods #passionisgrace #craftsmanship #leathergoods #leathercraft #handmade #handstitch #saddlestitch #ruggedmaniac #selvedgedenim If you find out more about one of our products, you can contact us. One of our product specialist will be in touch to help your enquiry. Alternatively, you can contact us on: Officials account LINE@ | @showyourhem WhatsApp | +628112223265 Email | info@syhgoods