Tee’s Shop | Vol. 7 | Don Lego Lisdia Sound x 9420records x Berakmedia presents Tee's Shop Vol. 7 with the finest Bandung's ska - steady beat band, Don Lego. Don Lego formed since 2003 in Bandung. Don Lego is arguably one of the pioneers of the return of the glory of Ska music in the Bandung area. The band, whose members had various musical backgrounds, initially carried the traditional flow of reggae & ska, but as the music played, they finally called their music as roots and steady beat. Don Lego released their first album entitled "Dancing In The Moon" at the end of 2009. Two of their single songs were released in 2014, and their second full album in 2015, entitled "Moving Slowly". Early next year they will release a new album that has finished recording. There are two new songs in this video that will be included in their new album later. Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/album/3FcVJo6TimM5secdVQcAJn Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/donlegoband/ 
______________________________________________________________ Executive Producer : Berak Entertainment & 9420 Records Producer : Lisdianto T. Atmodjo Director : Gusde Marr Cameras : Brez, Githrue Mario Editor : Githrue Mario Audio Equipment : Lisdia Sound Audio Engineer : Ojell Llejo Audio Crew : Yogi Bongging, Baim Piliang Audio Mixed : M. Fauzi Liaison Officer : Ferin M. Fazrin Font Maker : Twico Labs Catering: RM. Kokda Jaya Live at Berak Store, Perintis 92 Sarijadi Bandung https://www.instagram.com/9420records/  https://www.instagram.com/lisdiasound/  https://www.instagram.com/berakmedia/ #teesshop #donlego #berakmedia #9420records