through this year of #oldblue101 denim lecture & enseignement, we'd like to introduce a series of episode called 'Debunking the Myths'. we want to bring up some of the infamous urban legends surrounding this blue denim industry. some issues seems funny to some, but we shall bring ‘em to the surface as we still confront those issues on a daily basis. - the 1st issue towards the series is regarding the myth surrounding the beyond-reason fear of water. this might be the most asked question we've ever got from our 9 years of on-hand experience dealing with these blue clothes; involving around, “is it okay to wash my jeans before 6 months?", "what should i do when my jeans got soaked in the rain?”, “will it lower my creases to fades ratio?”, and so on. - many of us afraid that a drop of water will ruin our jawnz for life. we seem to forget that jeans were made for heavy duty works in the working field back in the days. it was indeed invented to fulfill the need of a sturdy and durable piece of clothing. so, to cut things short; no, it won’t ruin your jeans! you can soak ‘em, wash ‘em, let ‘em soaked in the rain, and by the end of the day, your jeans will be still in wearable condition and will be able to fade in just fine. - in a matter of fact, washing yer jeans right shall extend their life cycle. especially if you wash 'em in the right way (refer to our 101 about how to wash yer jeans) and on the right period of routinity (not too often, and not too rarely). it will cleanse all the oils and dirt that’s been embedded to the jeans overtimes. it'll strengthen the cotton fibres and bringin' back the fiber's elasticity nature, so it'll help prevent rip & blow-out potential cases. - but if you’re asking whether the touch of water will affect your effort on achieving a level of high contrast fade, well yes, it will probably hinder the progress to some extent. the water will of course wash out some of the color dyes from the jeans and in result will make the color more even all around. - TLDR, a touch of water won’t ruin your jeans and their fade’s ability. but for those of you contrast fade disciples, it has the ability to impede your on-goin’ progress to some extent.