Brand Celana Panjang


Celana Panjang , Jeans

[TALES FROM THE SEA: The Flat Foot II] ~ Ahoy, Sailors! ~ This second descendant of the original Flat-Foot was crafted with an MIC middle weight denim that weigh 15oz with a heart-warming green-lined selvedge for its details. Its splendor hairy textures that made this fine sheet of blue denim is nothing but eye pleasing, thus making this one fades gracefully over the time. ~ We always amazed what you, sailors, have done with our elbow-greasin' dungarees, yet moreover, how could one middle-weight denim fade could be as thunderous as its heavy-weight contenders. ~ Do send or tag us your jaw-droppin' fades to get a chance to be featured! #bluemuscleunion #honestgoods