Brand Jaket & Sweater


Jaket & Sweater

In this digital/information age, we are quick to adapt, constantly reinventing ourselves, peeling our old skins and rocking new ones. That is digital tendencies, we are shapeshifting and adjusting to our environment. You can find our Digital Tendencies here: - MYPRIDE FLAGSHIP STORE Jalan. Gudang Selatan No.22B Bandung. @arena_xprnc (Bandung) Jl. Ambon No.9 Bandung. @popscenesstore (Tasikmalaya) Jalan. Dewi Sartika No.21 Tasikmalaya. @deathhordbali (Bali) Jalan. Tukad Barito No.20C Panjer, Denpasar, Bali. #DIGITALTENDENCIES #MYPRIDE4LIFE #PRIDELIFE #PRIDEGANG #MYPRIDE