RACER 14.5 Oz Easy Indigo CDW Selvedge vs 50's CAT 15 Oz Vintage Indigo Selvedge 🏁 - Double Trouble of Medium-weight denim that'll scramble the game !!! - Fabricated exclusively through CDW (Carnivores Denim Works), RACER is our genuine presentation of easy to wear and easy to fade selvedge fabric, while 50's CAT is tailored for our pals vintage geek who seek unsanforized denim fabric with stiffer and rougher denim character - RACER : IDR 680.000 50's CAT : IDR 980.000 - Steal through : Carnivores Hideout www.carnivoressoul.com Line : @carnivoressoul - #rawdenim #drydenim #selvedgedenim #selvedge #denimfades #denimheads #CarnivoresSoul